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jueves, 5 de julio de 2018

"Is it possible a systematic 'THEOLOGY OF CHANGING TIMES' developed and published online?"

I present my Theology of changing times as a theology of the 'pilgrinating-us', a theological reduction that corresponds to "being missionaries disciples". To the 'pilgrinaging-us" are inherent the sapiential icon of the 'way' and the theological icon of the 'Shrine': the first refers to the world, and the second refers to God. In the controlled dialectic between the two icons we are displaying a "self-transcendent theocentric" process. This pilgrimage has a personal aspect (the individual believer) and a collective one (the pilgrim people of God, but also implicitly, a nation on the way). The pilgrimage is unfolding space-temporarily, from the historical existentiality in progressive opening to the transcendent mystery. Or also, from the progressive theological experience of the virtues in interpellant dialogue with everything good, beautiful and true we find along the way. This leads us to an ever more satisfying life in the Spirit, reborn from above from the 'Shrine' discovered as already inhabiting the same 'way', which translates and expresses very well and inculturated what is proper of Christian theological hope. Pope Francis" pastoral teaching gave to this theology an evangelizing dynamism that did not have, at least not in the same degree, in its founding Trilogía, and the digital world an adequate and providential channel to manifest and spread beyond classical academic institutions. "Is it possible a systematic 'theology of changing times' developed and published online?"

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